Coast to Coast Stories

Coast to Coast:


Taking the message of Why Clean Matters to the restaurant operator community became more than a web site as Ecolab embarked on a coast-to-coast tour of the U.S.

Our 28-foot rolling showroom visited select cities to highlight city-specific data on dining experiences and conduct live demos showing how Ecolab products help achieve restaurant guest satisfaction.

Coast to Coast:

New York City

WIth 20,000 restaurants in New York City, the competition is fierce. Restaurant owners know they need to be backed by the responsiveness and reliability of Ecolab in order to deliver the best possible experience for their customers.

Learn how the James Beard Award-winning The Modern inside the Museum of Modern Art relies on Ecolab to support their operations. Nearby in Chelsea, Ecolab helps Las Chicas Locas set and exceed expectations for customers looking to enjoy tapas-style Mexican cuisine.

Coast to Coast:

Washington D.C.

Washington, D.C. is our nation’s capitol, but with politicians and immigrants drawn to D.C. from all over the world, the city also has a vibrant, global feel. And there’s no better way to experience D.C.’s diverse neighborhoods than with a tour of three local hotspots with Ecolab Representative Andrew Smith.

Coast to Coast:

San Francisco, CA

From the Golden Gate Bridge to the historic trolley cars climbing the city’s steep streets, there are postcard-perfect views everywhere you look in San Francisco. Local residents will tell you that in addition to the iconic tourist spots, San Francisco is known for being a “foodie” town. Join Ecolab Representative Francisco Lopez as he visits three faves of the City by the Bay.

Coast to Coast:

Chicago, IL

Chicago is a great place to eat. Whether it’s deep dish pizza from Connie’s, a custom ground Hackneyburger from Hackney’s or a corned beef sandwich from Manny’s Deli, there’s a great sense of history and pride everywhere you go. Learn how Chicago’s restaurant owners are discovering the importance of a partnership with an Ecolab representative who shares their passion for cleanliness.


Frederick, MA

If you’ve been lucky enough to score one of the “kitchen tables” at Volt, you’ll be treated to an insider’s view of Executive Chef Bryan Voltaggio’s well-orchestrated kitchen. Chef Voltaggio and his team move with intensity, thoughtfulness and precision as they interpret and elevate the flavors of nature. As a contender on the television show Top Chef, Chef Voltaggio became known for creating surprising tastes using modern techniques. Now with every plate served in his restaurant, innovation remains a key part of his philosophy. His partnership with Ecolab helps him keep evolving, and achieving his goals.

Ristorante i Ricchi

Washington D.C.

While in Italy, Christianne Ricchi fell in love with what she admiringly calls the “art” of Italian dining. She learned the ropes of the restaurant business by cooking traditional recipes at a small Tuscan trattoria, dreaming of the day when she would bring authentic Italian cooking to America. In 1989, her dream became a reality by opening Ristorante i Ricchi in Washington, D.C., a welcoming yet elegant homage to classic Tuscan cooking. After over 20 years, and numerous honors and awards, Christianne credits solid partnerships with her ability to provide a quality product, and quality experiences, for her guests, year after year.

Sardine Factory

Monterey, CA

High school buddies Ted Balestreri and Burt Cutino are a pair of local boys made good. Back in 1968, when Monterey, California’s Cannery Row was a run-down street lined with shuttered fish canneries, they saw the potential to preserve the historic character of the area. They started a little cafeteria, which some 40 years later, is known as “Monterey’s Best Restaurant”.

The Sardine Factory is now a dining destination for world leaders, famous actors, and sports heroes—not to mention tourists and locals. What’s the secret to their success? Solid relationships—not only with their staff and guests, but with the partners and purveyors they’ve
relied on for years.

Lebanon Valley College

Annville, PA

Metz Culinary Management partners with Lebanon Valley College in Annville, Pennsylvania to bring restaurant-style food to students at a reasonable cost. Ecolab enables them behind-the-scenes through service, training and support to ensure cleanliness and customer satisfaction at every step.