Sanitizing Wash ‘n Walk No-Rinse Floor Cleaner & Sanitizer

Greasy floors lead to slips and falls. Also kitchen floors and drains are a breeding ground for pathogens.

The Solution:
Sanitizing Wash ‘n Walk is an EPA-registered product that kills 99.9% of Listeria, E.Coli, Salmonella and Staphylococcus* from hard surfaces. Tests confirm that 49% of kitchen floors, 46% of mop buckets and 66% of drains are contaminated with pathogens** that could potentially be transferred to food contact surfaces thereby contributing to food safety risks. Sanitizing Wash ‘n Walk, in addition to delivering all the floor cleaning benefits of Wash ‘n Walk, also enables customers to go after these pathogens at their source (floors, drains, mop buckets etc.) and reduce cross contamination risks. Sanitizing Wash ‘n Walk is a first of its kind product in the industry – a single product that will help customers manage both kitchen floors and drains in a simple, cost effective way.

Simply apply with a mop, scrub, and squeegee. Save energy by using cold water. Heavy grease buildup is emulsified using a biodegradable solution to allow easy removal from your floors. No rinsing is needed.


* On 5 minutes contact time with non-food contact areas.
**Data from 100 foodservice locations screened for Lister, Staphylococcus and Salmonella. Presumptive positives.