New research shows what is most important to restaurant guests—and the answer might surprise you.
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Ensuring Food Safety
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What summary reports are available through my Ecolab portal? You can access four summary reports: Location Inspection Summary — Lists More >

Food Safety

Would you eat in a restaurant with a dirty bathroom?

The most personal — and most telling — moment that a customer experiences in a restaurant isn’t typically at the More >


Clean Tableware Can Produce Higher Same-Store Sales

Restaurant consumers rank “Friendly Service” as very important in determining where to go eat. Would it surprise you to find that they rank “Tableware Cleanliness” even higher? Continue reading

Wash 'n Walk

Wash ‘n Walk No-Rinse Floor Cleaner

The Wash ‘n Walk Procedure Wash ‘n Walk can be dispensed through a Select 4 or Ultra 1 dispenser. It More >