New research shows what is most important to restaurant guests—and the answer might surprise you.
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Apex Detergent

Attacking Food Soils
Apex™ Detergent

The Lake Elmo Inn knows that guests depend on them for the best. See how they make sure every occasion is a memorable one.


Clean Tableware Can Produce Higher Same-Store Sales

Restaurant consumers rank “Friendly Service” as very important in determining where to go eat. Would it surprise you to find that they rank “Tableware Cleanliness” even higher?

Press Release

Ecolab Launches “Why Clean Matters” Campaign

Ecolab Inc. today launched its “Why Clean Matters” awareness campaign with the goal of sharing new research and insight from chefs and industry experts about the impact cleanliness has on restaurant performance.

Grease Proof and Grease Resistant Mats

Grease Proof and Grease Resistant Mats

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