New research shows what is most important to restaurant guests—and the answer might surprise you.
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ActiveView HDI

Ensuring Food Safety
ActiveView HDISM

What summary reports are available through my Ecolab portal? You can access four summary reports: Location Inspection Summary — Lists More >

Food Safety

Cleanliness, menu selection and comfort most important when dining out, reports Mintel

Chicago (May 7, 2013)—As restaurants across the nation gear up for a busy Mother’s Day weekend that promises to make More >

Apex Rinse

Sparkling Glassware
Apex™ Rinse

From innovative appetizers like Gorgonzola Fritters with Chimichurri sauce to classics with a twist like the Cheese & Mac Attack, 3 Squares presents a fresh take on approachable favorites.

Cleaning Caddy

Ecolab’s New Cleaning Caddy Wins Kitchen Innovation Award

The Ecolab Cleaning Caddy has won the National Restaurant Association’s 2011 Kitchen Innovation Award.